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The Royal Newfoundland Regiment is an infantry regiment consisting of two battalions, situated in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Its origin dates to April 25, 1795, with its formation in St. John's as a regular unit of the British army, its members drawn from residents of Newfoundland. Before that, over 150 Newfoundland volunteers served in the Royal Highland Emigrants as early as 1775 in the successful defence of Quebec during the American Revolution when an American expedition led by Generals Benedict Arnold and Montgomery  was repelled in the Lower Town of Quebec on the night of 31 December, 1775. The Americans lost over 400 captured, wounded, or killed, and the defenders lost 5.

The Regiment represents only a portion of a proud history of military involvement in Newfoundland since the 17th century. Newfoundlanders have served in navy, army, and air force since then to the present day in numbers out of proportion to the size of its population base.

Armorial Description

Regimental Crest
A caribou head, within a wreath of laurel leaves surmounted by the Crown; below, and supporting the wreath, a scroll inscribed ROYAL NEWFOUNDLAND REGIMENT, mounted on a claret background.

Motto (Unofficial)
Better than the best

Authorized Marches
Quick March - The Banks of Newfoundland - (Click to play)

Slow March - The Garb of Old Gaul


Regimental Colours

courtesy Rbt Young
The Queen's Colour and Regimental Colour of the 1st Battalion Royal Newfoundland Regiment are displayed mounted on their staffs.

Click to zoom -Courtesy B Mackay







The current Colours were presented to the Regiment  24 April, 2010 at Mile One Stadium by the Colonel In Chief, HRH The Princess Royal.





Unit Colours (Unofficial)

The unit colours traditionally date from WW1 and are described as claret and white. This is a representation of a unit patch located on the back of the collar of Capt. Syd Frost's tunic in WW1.



1st Battalion
A Company
P.O. Box 2028, St. John's, Nfld A1C 6B5
Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander Anthony W. Paddon Building, Pleasantville

2nd Battalion
A Company – 1 platoon
The Armoury
O'Connell Dr
Corner Brook NF A2H 6J3

B Company – 1 platoon
Grand Falls, Nfld

C Company – 1 platoon
Stephenville, Nfld


Canadian Army Status

Official Title: The Royal Newfoundland Regiment
Recognised Abbreviation in the Canadian Army: R Nfld R
Current Organization: 37 Canadian Brigade Group, headquarters Moncton, N.B., Canadian Army Reserves

Crest of 37 Canadian Brigade Group
This badge is worn on the right shoulder of today's Regimental soldiers.









Both battalions of The Royal Newfoundland Regiment are components of 5 Canadian Division (headquarters, Halifax NS).

5 Canadian Division patch

The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment): now the The Royal Regiment of Scotland - The Castle, Edinburgh
The Royal New South Wales Regiment, Australia

Regimental Birthday: 25 April
ANZAC Day: 25 April
Memorial Day: 1 July


Canadian Army and The Royal Newfoundland Regiment






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