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              Thomas Ricketts, Victoria Cross
              Andrew Bulger, Tigress and Scorpion
              Gardner's Iron Cross
              T Ricketts by F Gogos
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       Gallipoli Pilgrimage 2015
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       Book of Remembrance
       His Majesty’s Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Foot 1795-1802
              Mutiny and Disbandment
       War of 1812 and The Royal Newfoundland Fencibles 1803-1816
              Fort Detroit 1812
              Queenston Heights 1812
              The Lake Erie Campaign 1813
              Fort York 1813
              Fort Meigs 1813
              Fort George 1813
              Stoney Creek 1813
              The Battle of Lake Erie 1813
              The Battle of The Thames 1813
              Chrysler's Farm 1813
              Fort Mackinac and Disbandment 1814
              British Regiments and Canadian Fencible Regiments
              The Incredible Andrew Bulger
              Red George Macdonell - Hero?
              Officers and Sr NCOs List
              Soldiers List (by Company)
                     1st Company
                     2nd Company
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                     4th Company
                     5th Company
       The Royal Newfoundland Companies 1824-1862
       First World War: 1914-1918
              Recruitment and Training - 1914
              Overseas - 1914
              Gallipoli - 1915
              Albert (Beaumont Hamel) 1916
              Gueudecourt 1916
              Le Transloy and Sailly-Saillisel
              Arras 1917 (Monchy-le-Preux)
              Ypres 1917
              Cambrai 1917
              Bailleul 1918
              Ledeghem 1918
              Lys 1918
              Regimental Time Line
              The Five Caribou Memorials
                     Additional BH photos
              WW1 Pictures
              Gardner's Exploits
       Second World War: 1939-1945
              166th (Nfld) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
       Soldiers' Grave Sites
       Articles and Photos
              Cyril Gardner's Remarkable Exploits
              Pleasantville Photos 1914
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Heroes from the Regiment's Past

       Thomas Ricketts, Victoria Cross
       An Iron Cross for Cyril Gardner

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